Sentencing for animal cruelty offences in Victoria

Paul McGorrery1
1Sentencing Advisory Council, Melbourne, Australia

Animal cruelty, and criminal justice responses to such behaviour, has become an issue of increasing concern for both the Victorian Government as well as the wider community. In order to inform discussions on this issue, this project analyses all cases involving proven animal cruelty offences in Victorian courts in the ten years to 31 December 2017. In particular, this research project identifies: the number and type of animal cruelty offences proven and sentenced in Victoria; the sentencing outcomes for those offences; the characteristics of offenders who committed those offences; which offences, if any, were sentenced in the same case as animal cruelty offences (co-sentenced offences); and which offences, if any, were sentenced in a subsequent case (recidivist offences).

Paul McGorrery is a senior legal policy officer and Zsombor Bathy is a data analyst, and they both work at the Sentencing Advisory Council in Victoria


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