Geospatial analysis of terrorist road attacks in Occident

D Villalba1, A Trespaderne1, M Ángel Soria1
1University Of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

During the last five years DAESH has increased the number of attacks with vehicles in Occident. However, we have not found scientific investigations about this phenomenon. The objective of the study is to find environmental common criteria among  road attacks related with DAESH. The analyzed sample are the attacks committed between 2016 and 2017, in Niza, London and Barcelona. The  methodology consists in the creation of an ad hoc database with the characteristics of the attacks provided by DAESH propaganda and search for similarities using IBM SPSS Statistics. We focused on spatiotemporal and Modus Operandi related variables. Results show the existence of similarities among the attacks.

D Villalba: Criminologist specialized in Security and Prevention. Master in Criminal Investigation. Master in Graphological Expertise. Coordinator of the Catalan Research team within the National Investigation Project to fight against Domestic Homicides for the Secretary of State Security (Ministry of Interior). Professor of the Profiling and Criminal Behavior Analysis Master.

A Trespaderne: Criminologist and social integrator. Master in Profiling and Criminal Behavior Analysis. Master in Crime Analysis and Prevention. Coordinator of the area of ​​criminology and criminal psychology and responsible for the research department of the Community of Intelligence and Global Security. Co-Director of the Observatory for the prevention of violent radicalization.

M Ángel Soria: PhD. In Psychology. Professor of Legal Psychology, Criminal Psychology and Avanced Criminology in the Faculties of Psychology and Law. Director of Profiling and Criminal Behavior Analysis  Master and Legal and Forensic Psychology. Expert in criminal forensic cases of homicides, rape and child molesting. Publication of more than 70 articles and chapters. Participation in 12 books: Criminal Psychology, Manual of Legal and Investigative Psychology, Forensic Penal Psychology (Athelier), Violence & Family Homicide, Profiling and Criminal Behavior Analysis and Geografical profiling and more. Forensic researcher in violent crimes (domestic homicide, child pornography, stalking, women trafficking and terrorism).



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