Supporting services to arrested youth in Hong Kong: Implications to preventive strategies of reoffending

Mr  Man Ho Chan1, Ms Siu Chui  Lee1, Ms Ka In Wu1, Professor  Sing Wing Wong2

1The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Youth Crime Prevention Centre, , 2City University of Hong Kong, Department of Applied Social Sciences,

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Youth Crime Prevention Centre and Hong Kong Police Force New Territories South Region jointly launched Project R in June 2012. This was the first operation of its type in Hong Kong, it provides specialized services including crisis intervention, counseling and family support services for the arrested youths (aged from 10-24), victims of the crime and their family members. After two years of experimentation, Project R collaborated with City University of Hong Kong to develop an assessment tool to assess the risk of youth reoffending and conduct evaluation on effectiveness of the intervention model. Based on pre-post test results, it found that social worker involvement (in terms of total number of service hours devoted) was significantly correlated to positive changes in client risk levels. A significant correlation was also found between social worker involvement (in terms of duration of services devoted) and positive changes in client risk levels. In summary, a client’s risk level of reoffending is more likely to decrease if he or she has received adequate service from social workers. Project R also filled the youth service gap in Hong Kong in helping the arrested youth and their parent. With evidence-based research, the Project R confirmed the effectiveness of the new intervention model titled “Tribasic Model of Delinquency Prevention: Five-Step Recovery through Life Coaching”. This paper highlights the service details of Project R, research impact of the evaluative study and illustrate with real cases study.

Ms Siu Chui Lee, is currently unit-in-charge at the Hong Kong Federation of youth Groups, Youth Crime Prevention Centre, Hong Kong, SAR. She has over 25 year’s social work practice experience working with family, children, delinquent youth, drug addict, and young offender. She is a member of Fight Crime Committee in Hong Kong. In addition, she is a social work field-work supervisor and registered as an Accredited Mediator in Hong Kong and China. Bob has published books on youth crime, youth law and drug addiction topics.

Ms Wu Ka In is an Youth Work Officer at Youth Crime Prevention Centre, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Hong Kong, SAR. Her area of expertise are delinquent youth, young offender, crime victim and drug abuser. Ka and her colleagues have obtained numerous funding to develop innovative services to address social issues, such as youth crime, re-offending prevention, drug addiction. She received her Master degree in Criminology and she was earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. In addition, she also a social work filed-work supervisor and registered as a Global Career Development Facilitator in USA.



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