A clinical study on the effectiveness of a culturally-attuned Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in working with delinquent youth in Hong Kong

Chan Man-Ho, Wilson Chan1, F Keung2
1The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Youth Crime Prevention Centre, 2University of Hong Kong, Department of Social Work and Social Administration ,

This presentation will document a clinical study on the effectiveness of a culturally-attuned CBT in reducing delinquent behaviors and negative emotions among Hong Kong delinquent youth. Twenty participants received CBT and routine counseling and another twenty youth received routine counseling only for a 12-month period. Findings suggest a significant time effect for many outcome measures in the experimental group: impulsivity, stress, gang affiliations and different types of delinquent behaviors. Fewer significant improvements were noted in the control group. Effect size statistics showed fairly high magnitude of change in outcome measures in experimental group (Cohen’s d=.64-.97).It appears that a culturally-attuned CBT may be effective for working with adolescents with delinquent behaviours in Hong Kong.

Mr Chan Man-Ho,  B.S.W (Hons), Postgraduate Dip. in Psychology, MSocS in Criminology, Accredited Mediator (Hong Kong/China), is currently Supervisor at The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Hong Kong, SAR. He is leading youth at-risk services and having 20 years’ experience on working with young offender, drug addict and delinquent youth. Wilson has a strong linkage with government and non-government organizations in Hong Kong, he is serving as member of Action Committee Against Narcotics for giving advises on anti-drugs issues. He has published books related to youth delinquency, violence, sexual crime, drug issue and cybercrime. Wilson has also been regularly interviewed by media on youth crime issues.


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