Responding to violent offending: An evaluation of the QCS Cognitive Self Change Program

Ms Tanya Strub1, Ms April Chrzanowski1, Ms Melanie Conway1
1Queensland Corrective Services, Brisbane, Australia

The Cognitive Self Change Program (CSCP) commenced in Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) in 2007. It is a high intensity cognitive behavioural intervention that aims to reduce violent offending in high-risk adult offenders who have a history of violent behaviour. In particular, the CSCP supports prisoners to identify and change the thinking processes that lead to violence. Participation in the program by eligible prisoners informs considerations by the Parole Board. Re-offending data for program participants compared to a matched control will be presented together with those demographic characteristics and psychometric change scores associated with the outcomes observed. Opportunities to improve rehabilitation programs delivered in a custodial context are discussed.

Tanya Strub completed her PhD in 2009 and has worked in evaluation and policy roles for Queensland Government for nine years. During this time Tanya has been responsible for leading evaluations of key government election commitments and agency-led initiatives. Tanya has worked in the newly established Queensland Corrective Services Research and Evaluation Unit since August 2017.



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