Factors Contributing to Terrorism Sentencing Outcomes in Indonesia

Ms Milda Istiqomah1
1UNSW, Sydney, Australia, 2Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia

In terrorism prosecutions, some researchers have claimed that extra-legal factors tend to influence sentencing outcomes, however, there is no adequate evidence that this tendency exists in Indonesian terrorism trials. This thesis aims to examine what factors contribute to sentencing decisions in Indonesian terrorism prosecutions. Using quantitative approach, this thesis will examine approximately 150 terrorism verdicts in Indonesia in the last ten years. The extent to which the selected independent factors predict sentence length is tested in a multiple regression analysis. This analysis suggests that the sentence can be to a large extent predicted by legal criteria. The total number of people died is the strongest predictor of sentence length in the model.


Milda Istiqomah is a PhD candidate in Faculty of Law, UNSW. Her research interest is on terrorism and sentencing.



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