The role of police in identifying and assisting victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation: A perspective of Vietnam

Oanh Nguyen

PhD Student of Flinders Law School,

The problem of human trafficking for sexual exploitation is still prevalent at national and international scope, predominantly in developing countries like Vietnam. It not only poses a serious threat to national security but also expresses a gross violation of human rights. In efforts to repel crimes, the Vietnamese government considers countering human trafficking including sex trafficking as one of the national leading crime prevention strategies with a pivotal key of police. The government places a victim-centre strategy in terms of identification and assistance victims of human trafficking. Unfortunately, Vietnam is witnessing the failure in identifying the status of trafficked persons regarding the role of police. Consequently, police do not protect the rights of victims of human trafficking who may face with arrest, fine, detention, deportation, and even punishments from authorities. The objective of this research is to examine the question: How do police in Vietnam perceive and implement identification and assistance victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation? To explore this question, the study will rely on a mixed research method. At the first phase of research, the researcher will conduct surveys with 150 police who work at varying levels of five provinces/cities in which human trafficking is common. At the second phase of research, the researcher will conduct semi-structured interviews with 25 police who are senior, or junior, or at-least-5-year experience officers of national, provincial and district police stations. Collected data will then be handled by SPSS and NVivo software.


Lecturer of The People’s Police Academy of Vietnam.


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