Temporary migration & family violence: the borders of belonging & protection

 Marie Segrave1
1Monash University, Clayton, Australia

While family violence has been recognised as a national priority in Australia, and indeed internationally, the intersections of complex migration status issues and the response to family violence are rarely the subject of close investigation. Most commonly this issue is reported on via anecdotal information arising in the context of larger studies or inquiries, such as the ANROWS-funded ASPIRE study and the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence. This presentation will draw on the largest study of temporary migration and family violence in Australia, and will highlight critical issues pertaining to the ways in which the migration system can be produce or sustain power imbalances between non-citizen victim-survivors and citizen (or permanent resident) perpetrators. It will ask critical questions about the limits we place around support in the context of family violence.


Marie Segrave is an Associate Professor in Criminology at Monash University. She is a DECRA Fellow, and has conducted research on issues pertaining to the intersections of migration, border control and exploitation. She has published widely in this area. Marie works closely with the Monash Gender and Family Violence Focus Program and the newly established Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre.


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