Intimate Partner Violence in LGBT+ Communities: An Exploration into the Types of Domestic Violence

Anne Marie Ionescu1
1Monash University, Clayton, VIC

This inquiry seeks to understand the types of domestic violence members of the LGBT+ community experience and how they differ for heterosexual persons. Additionally, it hopes to understand how the current support systems and treatment groups operate and to address any shortcomings and gaps that might be present. Finally, it aims to understand the impact of the recommendations made by the Royal Commission into Family Violence and provide additional literature on how best to target the implementation of said recommendations.


Anne Marie is a current honours student at Monash University and is the recipient of the Monash Family Violence bursary. She completed her undergraduate studies at Monash with a Bachelor of Arts and Science, specialising in Criminology, International Relations, and Psychology. As part of her course, she travelled to Italy and the USA to undertake criminology abroad and has completed an internship with the Police Prosecutions Office. Anne Marie has a keen interest in crime and regularly finds herself in discussions/debates with members of the public regarding the latest policy changes crime. She looks forward to helping prevent crime.


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