Doing it all? Confessions of a Public, Feminist, Activist Criminologist

Doing it all? Confessions of a Public, Feminist, Activist Criminologist

There’s an often-quoted phrase, “Do a job you love, and you’ll never a work a day in your life”. Perhaps more accurately the reality is better captured by the alternative: “Do a job you love, and you’ll work every weekend for the rest of your life”. The very nature of our work as Criminologists draws on our passion for justice, and our motivation to contribute to social change. It can be hard to know where to direct our efforts, and how to juggle the competing demands of teaching, research and impact. In this lecture, Associate Professor Anastasia Powell will reflect on her trajectory through the public service, through academia, as a public criminologist, and as a feminist activist, sharing tips and advice for navigating a career in modern academia. While the end-message may be “No, we cannot do it all”, Anastasia shares some confessions about the highs and lows that she’s experienced in the 15 years since commencing her PhD journey.



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