Policing family violence: What do we know and where do we go?

Christine Bond1*, Eve Buzawa2, Janet Ransley2

1 Griffith University
2 University of Massachusetts-Lowell
3 Griffith University

*corresponding author: c.bond@griffith.edu.au

The evidence-base for developing effective policing strategies in response to family violence remains limited, especially in Australia. Predominately from the United States, research on policing responses largely focuses on mandatory arrest policies. In the Australian context, there are two key issues: responding to family violence-related calls; and responding to breaches of domestic violence protection orders. Using available empirical evidence, this paper explores issues raised in the policing of calls and breaches. In particular, it identifies what we know and where our research needs to go.


Dr Christine Bond is currently a senior lecturer in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice and a member of the Griffith Criminology Institute, Griffith University. Her research focuses on decision-making in the criminal justice system, with a particular emphasis on courts and sentencing, legal responses to family violence, and youth justice.

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