How Much Is Sears Master Protection Agreement

The applicants attempted to certify a proposed class of consumers who paid for after-market protection agreements (MDU) for products that were not covered by the MPA or were eligible for coverage and did not receive a full refund. She had two different stories of trying to get compensation from Sears – one device covered by a maintenance contract, the other without — and reported a much better service without the agreement: the plaintiffs say that the Sears defendants violated their agreements, practiced fraudulent business practices and were unfairly enriched by selling “repair or replacement” control contracts for devices that did not want to repair or replace Sears. Elizabeth ended with the cynical conclusion: “I`ve heard that if you buy a protection plan, Sears puts you on the last one of the list because they already have your money. I spent two months trying to wait on my Sears protection plan without any repairs.¬†Today, sears called for a refund. It was said that the work was not pre-authorized and so I would not be paid. In addition, my contract was terminated because another officer had been working on the system. Contractor Sears had paid for the installation. OCT. 2018 – The planned heating maintenance then cancelled without reason. No cancellation notifications were received.

Reprogrammed. OCT. 2018 – HeatingTechnicus refused to repair the HVAC condensate flow. Tech emphasized that condensate flow is NOT part of the CCC system. FEB. 2019 – Heating doesn`t work AGAIN! Sears can`t allow 3 days. 3 days without heat is not acceptable. We used a local C.C.C.C. repair service to repair.

Bat Sears to pay us back the $90 repair bill. Sears refused to refund us because its schedule was not 6 days. In other words,… Sears doesn`t reimburse us for C.C.C., unless we`re six days without heat!!! FEB. 2019 – All of our sears service contracts have been terminated! I would like to join the class action that I bought my first Sears product in 1958. I spent 30 years in the military, and we always bought Sear`s aircraft, because no matter where we were in the U.S., there was a Sears. We bought our house in 1993. It was fully equipped with Sears products. We entered into a safeguard agreement that covered all products purchased from Sears. It worked pretty well for a while then started changing the thimngs to the Worsr. The first gardening equipment was no longer covered. Then the articles were limited to 20.

Then the hVAC systems became 4 elements. Microwaves have been eliminated. The service remained appropriate. I`d like to join a complaint against Sears. The number of hours I spent going to one person and having my fridge repaired is incredible, unless you have worked with Sears. They came out 6 times and I tried to get endless times and hours to get what I think is a “ghost” dept. I started this June 5th and had to eat and buy ice cream for 3 months. I`m the SICK of Sears!!!!!! I have documented who I spoke to, when and for how long, and I have 16 pages typed with notes. A federal judge in Illinois authorized a class action in which Sears sold deceptive “repair and replacement” contracts. Our kenmore freezer was released on October 25, 2020. We could have an appt.

NOV 2, 2020. It is now 12,2020 and we still have not been sent again by Sears or the technician who told us it would again be 12.11.2020 to install the part that was supposed to be sent to our house that will not be sent. This is the second time in 4yrs our Freezer checks are gone. I called yesterday and I got the run-around, I couldn`t even have a Stupid visor on the line for nothing. Really don`t know who Sears has forgiven the repairs, but its entire BS! So much to this 5yr MAster Protection Plan, master to demolish people who want cheap! Needless to say I lost over 400 in food! I have three teenagers and we live in the country, 30 min. a way to the nearest grocery store. Since SEARS already has my money, we are not a priority for them! KEARNY, DON`T


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