A Gendered Analysis of Satisfaction with the Police and Victimization Reporting

Dr Veronyka James1

1Shenandoah University, Winchester, USA

The relationships between the police and the public are important, and specifically, the public confidence and trust of the police may foster increased satisfaction, cooperation, and crime reporting.  While studies have indicated that age and ethnicity influence satisfaction with the police and victimization reporting, studies often fail to take a gendered analysis of these issues.  Through the use of a survey methodology, the present study examines how gender influences satisfaction with the police and anticipated victimization reporting.


Veronyka James is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Shenandoah University. Dr. James earned her Ph.D. in Criminology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2010). Her research interests are sexual assault victimization and reporting, gender issues, stigma management, policing (e.g., police misconduct, police-citizen relationships, satisfaction with police), and violent offenders (e.g., serial killers and mass shooters).


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