The White elephant in the room – centring race in prevenve jusce scholarship

Dr Tamara Tulich1

1Law School, The University of Western Australia, Crawley, Australia,

This paper explores learnings from prevenve jusce scholarship post September 11 that might be drawn upon in evaluang current and guiding future prevenve responses to the rise in right wing terrorism. Prevenve jusce scholarship has provided an important correcve to narraves of exceponalism in legal responses to September 11, and a significant contribuon to debates about an-terror laws in demonstrang how prevenve measures evade or erode civil liberes and criminal jusce protecons. However, unwingly absent from this scholarship is race. I argue that we need to centre race – including ‘whiteness’ – in prevenve jusce scholarship, parcularly as we consider responses to right wing terrorism.


Dr Tamara Tulich is a Senior Lecturer in UWA Law School. Tamara researches and publishes in the areas of preventive justice, anti-terror lawmaking and indefinite detention regimes, and is a co-editor of the collection Regulating Preventive Justice (Routledge 2017). Tamara’s recent research projects focus on expanding diversionary alternatives for Aboriginal youth with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, understanding the role of law and culture in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in responding to and preventing family violence, and reform to Australian proceeds of crime legislation.



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