Unlawful migrant labour exploitation in Australia

Marie Segrave1
1Monash University

This paper will draw on recent research focused on irregular migrant labourers experiences in Australia. It will consider the limited recognition of the exploitation experienced by those without work rights. It will explore the contemporary policy and legal climate and the potential implications of recent commitments, including the introduction of the Modern Slavery Bill.

Forced Marriage: interrogation the Australian response

Laura Vidal1
1Good Shepard Australia

This paper will draw on recent findings from a Churchill Fellowship, reviewing international responses to Forced Marriage. It will consider the shifting responses in Australia including the inclusion of forced marriage in the Commonwealth Slavery and Trafficking offences, and the Victorian push towards inclusion of forced marriage within family violence legislation.

The Modern Slavery Act: limits and possibilities

Heather Moore1
1Salvation Army Freedom Partnership

This paper will focus specifically on the development of the MSA and the limits of the proposed legislation. The paper will background the civil society push for a range of inclusions that were ultimately abandoned in the Bill, and will consider the potential consequences of the legal framework in terms of making an impact on exploitation in Australia and beyond.


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