Impact of the audiovisual executions of the Daesh in the processes of radicalization and jihadist recruitment according to the target audience.

A Trespaderne Dedeu1, M Soria Verde2, N  Querol Viñas3, J de Pablo Bribian4
1University Of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, 2University Of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, 3University Of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain, 4Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

Audiovisual executions of Daesh are a method of propaganda and they influence the process of radicalization and recruitment. The professionalization, creation, edition and diffusion in the audiovisual of the terrorist organization, has alerted the academics and international institutions. This research analyses the structure of the executions according to the target audience, identifying endogroup, shared ideology or outgroup, being its opposition. The analysis of who they are targeting, allows to establish what criteria the terrorist organization Daesh uses in the construction of the audiovisual to influence the target audience. Having this knowledge, encourages the development of counter narratives as a mean of counteracting and demystifying the propaganda used in the processes of radicalization and recruitment. The sample studied were 12 executions carried out between 2014-2016, using the Protocol of Analysis of Executions of DAESH (PAED) created ad hoc. The variables analysed have been; the victim, the aggressor, the type of execution, the geolocation, the crime scene and the audiovisual, verbal and non-verbal communication elements. The results obtained reveal significant differences in the victim, number of cooperators during the execution, the use of minors during the executions, the type of violence, the reason for the execution, methods of intimidation, physical position, synthetic elements of the audiovisual and communication between victim and aggressor. In conclusion, the results show the differentiation of the characteristics in the audio-visual performances of the Daesh according to the target audience.

Ariadna Trespaderne: Criminologist and social integrator. Master in Profiling and Criminal Behavior Analysis. Master in Crime Analysis and Prevention. Coordinator of the area of ​​criminology and criminal psychology and responsible for the research department of the Community of Intelligence and Global Security. Co-Director of the Observatory for the prevention of violent radicalization.

Miguel Ángel Soria Verde: PhD. In Psychology. Professor of Legal Psychology, Criminal Psychology and Avanced Criminology in the Faculties of Psychology and Law. Director of Profiling and Criminal Behavior Analysis  Master and Legal and Forensic Psychology. Expert in criiminal forensic cases of homicides, rape and child sexual abuse. He has published more than 70 articles and chapters. He has participated in 12 books: Criminal Psychology,, Manual of Legal and Investigative Psychology, Forensic Penal Psychology (Athelier), Violence & Family Homicide, Profiling and Criminal Behavior Analysis and Geografical profiling and more. Forensic researcher in violent crimes (domestic homicide, child pornography, stalking, women trafficking and terrorism).

Nuria Querol i Viñas: Doctor and criminologist, specialist in Cell Biology and Genetics and Biosanitary. Master in Family Violence Treatment. Director of the Observatory of Violence towards animals. Professor of the Prof. Profiling and Analysis of criminal behavior at the University of Barcelona and other international universities. Studies in Psychopathy and Criminal Investigation. Advisory Board Member of the National Sheriffs’ Ass. Member of the NSA / FBI Working Group on NIBRS. Mimebro of the Global Society of Homeland & National Security Professionals & Global Center for Public Safety.

José Miguel de Pablo Bribian: Senior Agent Specialist in Prevention and Investigation of Forest Fires of the Rural Agents of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Member of the Support Group for the Administration of Justice of the Rural Agents of the Generalitat de Catalunya.




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