2019 Sponsor Profiles

The hosting of the ANZSOC 2019 Conference has been made possible by the generous support of the following organisations.  Please visit our sponsorship options page to see how your organisation could support this conference.

Platinum Sponsor

Department of Justice Western Australia

The Department of Justice supports the community, Western Australian Government, judiciary and Parliament through the provision of access to high quality justice, legal and corrective services, information and products.  The Department is the agency principally responsible for assisting the Attorney General and Minister for Corrective Services in developing and implementing policy and the administration and compliance with approximately 200 Acts.  The Department has a diverse range of services, which have the potential to affect all Western Australians. These include:

Justice Services

  • court and tribunal services
  • corrective services
  • offender management and community safety
  • victim support

Services to the Community

  • advocacy, guardianship and administration services
  • trustee services
  • birth, death and marriage services

Services to Government

  • policy advice
  • legal advice and representation
  • legislative drafting and related services

Gold Sponsor

Australian Institute of Criminology

The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) is Australia’s national research and knowledge centre on crime and justice. The AIC informs crime and justice policy and practice in Australia by undertaking, funding and disseminating policy-relevant research of national significance.

The AIC was established nearly 50 years ago and is part of the Home Affairs portfolio. The Criminology Research Advisory Council, comprised of representatives from the Australian Government and state and territory governments, advises the AIC on strategic research priorities and supports the Criminology Research Grant program. The AIC works with stakeholders both nationally and international to develop an applied research knowledge base on crime and justice issues.

The Institute’s current research priorities include illicit drugs, child exploitation material, transnational serious and organised crime, criminal justice responses to family and domestic violence, Indigenous over-representation in the criminal justice system and youth crime. For more information, see www.aic.gov.au.

Silver Sponsor

Western Australia Police Force

The WA Police Force exists to provide trusted and valued policing services for all Western Australians. Our vision is to be an exceptional Police Force for our community. We are responsible for serving the world’s largest single police jurisdiction covering 2.5 million square kilometres, with a structure comprising two regions, 15 districts and more than 200 police facilities. Our 6,800 police officers and 2,100 police staff contribute to enhancing the quality of life and wellbeing of all people throughout WA. To achieve this we remain committed to providing robust defensible policing services underpinned by three policing pillars:

  • Enforce the Law
  • Prevent Crime
  • Manage and Coordinate Emergencies.

Name Badge and Lanyard Sponsor

Griffith Criminology Institute (GCI) is one of the largest, most vibrant and high-performing criminology communities in the world. GCI comprises an internationally leading group of researchers focused on understanding the causes, nature and prevention of crime and collaborating with partners to apply that knowledge for real-world impact. GCI’s vision is to produce cutting-edge knowledge that pushes the boundaries of the criminological imagination and helps create safe, just and equitable societies by addressing key challenges:

  • Breaking cycles of crime and inequality
  • Enhancing security
  • Preventing violence
  • Reducing Indigenous over-representation
  • Transforming justice

Welcome Reception Sponsor


The University of Melbourne is proud to be home to Australia’s oldest continuing Criminology program.

We work closely with practitioners, policy makers and community and government organisations across criminal and legal justice and have a strong commitment to the translation of research into real-world impacts. Housing the Justice-Involved Young People Network, the Japan-Australia Criminal Justice Network, Urban Environments Research Network and Global Network in Justice. Conflict.

Responsibility, Criminology at Melbourne focuses upon violence that is systematic, institutional, conflict-based, historical, representational, cultural, interpersonal, familial and societal. Offered at the undergraduate level through the Bachelor of Arts, at the graduate level through the specialised Master of Criminology, and through the Specialist Certificates in Offender Management and Forensic Disability, we equip our students with a sophisticated appreciation of global trends in crime and justice, from youth justice to corporate and international crime, drug policy to homelessness, gender violence, policing, disability and prisons.

The Master of Criminology provides an advanced understanding of crime, harm and best-practice justice innovation; our students have access to internship opportunities and industry projects, practitioner contact through guest lectures, site visits to prisons and courts, and undertake overseas intensive subjects in Oxford, Japan and Indonesia. We apply our expertise in criminal justice policy and practice, socio-legal analysis, and perpetrator and offender responses to identify ‘what works’ to prevent violence by designing, implementing and evaluating strategies that apply across a wide range of settings, with a range of staff training and professional development opportunities available.

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Morning Tea Sponsor

Ice Cream Social Sponsor

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Outcare provided reintegration services for ex-offenders and community inclusion for vulnerable people and youth who are at risk. Reintegration services include accommodation, job transition/employment and mental health support.

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