Citation analysis of Australian and New Zealand Criminology

T. R. McGee1*, E. G. Cohn2, Whitten, T.1, Eriksson, L.1, Farrington, D. P.3

1 Griffith University
2 Florida International University
3 University of Cambridge

*corresponding author:

There have been a number of previous investigations of the developmental of criminology in Australia and New Zealand including Manning, Stenning, & Mazerolle’s (2014) documentation of the history of the journal including its establishment and chronological list of editors. They examined 45 year trends in the authors’ gender, number of authors per paper, authors’ geographic locations, research methods used, topic of the paper, and policy focus. An earlier paper by Pratt and Priestly (1999) first focused on the first 30 years of the journal and reported information on the geographic location of the author, author gender, subject area of the article, and criminological paradigms guiding the work presented in the papers. The current research builds on this work by offering a citation analysis of the last 25 years of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology (ANZJC). There are a number of points of investigation for the current project which include: examining Australian and New Zealander authors in leading international journals (both who is published and who is cited), assessing the frequency of citations of ANZJC in the journals; identify who are the most cited authors in the ANZJC; and to find out which are the most cited works of the most cited authors.


Tara Renae McGee is a senior lecturer at Griffith University.

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