Reimagining crime prevention policy-making in Victoria

Ms Anika Dell1

1Department Of Justice And Community Safety, Melbourne, Australia

The Honourable Ben Carroll was sworn in as Minister for Crime Prevention in Victoria after the state election in November 2018. This new portfolio reflects the Victorian Government’s commitment to reducing crime and improving community safety.

The Department of Justice and Community Safety is developing a new crime prevention reform agenda to fulfil these objectives. We have applied an intersectional approach from the beginning by engaging with voices from academia, government, industry and the community. This approach recognises that crime prevention cuts across community, service provision and systems, and requires a collaborative investment to achieve long-term results.

To engage industry, a Crime Prevention Taskforce was announced in June 2019. Representatives across sport, business, construction and community sectors have been meeting this year to learn more about the causes of crime, how their industry may influence these causes and what new opportunities or partnerships they can identify and commit to for improved community safety.

To engage academia, international and local experts have been brought together with government and philanthropic support to form the Victorian Crime Prevention Collaboration. The Collaboration provides advice and support to both the Taskforce and the department and will also engage with communities to better understand their needs and expectations from government.

Such an intersectional framework has required a shift in standard government thinking, policy development and engagement. This paper will outline our progress to date and reflections. It also invites feedback from conference attendees about how to continue to meaningfully progress this collaborative crime prevention reform.


Anika has worked with the Department of Justice and Community Safety for 3.5 years. Holding a Masters in Criminology from the University of Sydney, she has taught and researched in criminology various Victorian universities, and has spent time in local government. Anika’s team at DJCS works across government and with local community organisations to develop and implement community-oriented crime prevention practice. She is currently overseeing a number of research, evaluation and significant strategic policy development projects, including the development and implementation of a whole-of-government Crime Prevention Strategy.

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