Intelligence-Led Risk Management: Safer Courts and Safer People through a more evidence based approach to risk management.

Mr Benjamin Stark1

1Wa Department Of Justice, ,

Typically, whenever I read anything with the words ‘risk management’ in the title, my eyes start to glaze over and my interest starts to decline rapidly. But hold on!

Here’s a new paradigm, a new approach to risk-management that makes better sense of information we receive and the process of assessing risk . Introducing, Intelligence-Led Risk Management!

Think criminal intelligence meets risk assessment applied to managing risk in WA courts. The result? A process where public courts, tribunals and custody centers are made safer by identifying and treating risks to staff, offenders and public alike.

Over the past two years the WA Court Risk Assessment Directorate has been developing a model to ensure decisions and operations are ‘intelligence-led’ and based on analysed and risk assessed information. In this process we’ve categorised threats to WA courts and judicial officers, identified at-risk court users, provided timely treatment options for high risk court matters.

Intelligence based risk assessments include;

  • The impact of rival outlaw-motor cycle gangs on the court and custodial environment,
  • The impact of Sovereign Citizens on WA Courts and Tribunals, and
  • Assessing the impact of point of entry screening in reducing weapons and contraband within WA courts.

Intelligence-led risk management is the application of using criminal intelligence analysis as an objective decision-making tool, combining with a traditional risk management approach for the effective treatment of risk.

The result? Safer courts, safer people and a value-added product providing a more evidence based approach to providing risk management, and treatment.


Principal Intelligence Analyst with WA Department of Justice. Former Military Intelligence Analyst with operational deployments overseas, Currently working in Criminal Intelligence with experience in Prisons, Courts and Policing. Undergraduate degree in Justice with Post Grad Qualifications in Criminal Intelligence.

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