Violence, Massacre and Gun Control: Contextualising the New Zealander Experience

Professor Richard Harding1, Mr Chris Dawson APM2, Mr Mike Clement3, Professor Rick Sarre4

1University Western Australia

2Western Australia Police Force

3New Zealand Police

4University of South Australia

The mass murders in Christchurch starkly revealed the hazards of loose firearms ownership regulations, both as to types of gun and eligible owners. New Zealnd responded by looking to Australia’s post-Port Arthur model. This Panel will explore the way in which this model is being implemented. The broader questions of the likely impact of such laws upon gun violence of all types, with reference to Australian experience and in contrast to USA experience. The challenges faced by Police authorities in managing gun control issues are an important aspect of the Australian/New Zealand approach, and these will be addressed.


Professor Richard Harding, Emeritus Professor University Western Australia

Mr Chris Dawson APM, Commissioner of Police, Western Australia Police Force

Mr Mike Clement, Deputy Commissioner, New Zealand Police

Professor Rick Sarre, Dean of Law, School of Law, University of South Australia

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