Adolescent-to-Parent Family Violence: Longitudinal Pathways to Offending and Re-Offending

Mrs Allison Peck, Professor  Marie Hutchinson, Doctor  Steve Provost

1Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour, Australia

Violence and aggression from an adolescent towards a parent or other unpaid caregiver is a specific form of domestic and family violence. Many questions remain unanswered about this type of violence. In Australia, in particular, knowledge about the prevalence and the characteristics of adolescents and families impacted by this violence remains limited.  This research involved a data linkage study of 775 adolescents (aged 10-18 years), residing on the mid to north coast of NSW, who had been issued a legal action by the NSW Police Force for an adolescent-to-parent family violence offence in the period from July 2008 to June 2018.  Through the application of process mining, a data mining technique, longitudinal linked data held by the NSW Police Force and the NSW Ministry of Health was analysed to identify longitudinal pathways from birth to adolescents first family violence offence and subsequent re-offending.   The models created depicted the individual, parental, health and prior offending characteristics associated with adolescent-to-parent family violence offending among this cohort of young people. This analysis highlighted a strong association between adversity and exposure to parental intimate partner violence and parent drug and/or alcohol use in childhood, as well as mental health problems and family violence offending in adolescence and young adulthood.  The pathways identified provide insight into elements and patterns amenable to service or practice re-design, improved action, or future resource investment to reduce adolescent-to-parent family violence offending.


Allison Peck is currently completing a PhD  at Southern Cross University.  Her area of research involves analysing the patterns and dimensions of domestic and family violence on the mid to north coast of New South Wales, with a focus on young people who engage in adolescent-to-parent family violence.  She has seventeen years’ experience working as a Senior Intelligence Analyst for the NSW Police Force.  Her educational background involves the completion of a Bachelor of Criminology and Behavioural Science at Griffith University in 2002 and a Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology at Southern Cross University in 2009.


Aug 30 2021


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