Beyond consent: how queer people navigate sex and relationships

Sophie Hindes1

1University of Melbourne

This presentation is based on Sophie’s PhD research ‘Queering Consent’. Sophie ran three focus groups and interviewed 33 people who all had sexual experiences with people of multiple genders to explore how they have negotiated sexual consent. Participants’ narratives and experiences demonstrate that negotiating sex in more ethical ways is far richer and more complex than simply ensuring the sex they have is consensual. Through analysing participants unique and individual journeys of identity formation and sex and relationships history, this presentation will explore what factors have led the participants in this study to feel more confident in negotiating sex in ways that feel comfortable and safe to them. Based on these insights, this presentation will explore why currents understandings of sexual consent (and the reforms that are following) are not sufficient in reducing sexual violence and may indeed reinforce problematic gendered norms that hinder developing more ethical sexual relationships.


Sophie Hindes (she/her/they) is a PhD Candidate at the University of Melbourne in the School of Social and Political Sciences. Sophie’s research investigates sexual, domestic and gendered violence from queer and feminist theoretical perspectives. Her current PhD research investigates sexual consent and negotiating pleasure in queer relationships and looks to expand understanding of sexual consent beyond violence-prevention frameworks. She has also researched and written on technology-facilitated violence and media responses to the #MeToo movement. You can follow Sophie: @sophiehindes


Aug 30 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm