City,social Justice and Crime: Crime Analysis and Social Deviance in Informal Settlements: Today,s Challenges and Approaches

Dr Reza  Ali Mohseni1

1Islamic Azad University-central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran

Justice is a central standard in social life,is generally held to have a prominent role in social theory and social action.City(megalopolis)is an over-grown into a mess due to growing expansion.In it,s overgrown nature,lie the germs of it,s decay which begin to creep in all the portions of the city.Space in city framework is affected quality of social justice.There are many uneven spaces and regions in city.Unequal and imbalanced spaces in city is based on  urban justice(resources redistribution,services and allocation policies).Informal settlements are part of city that is predominantly an overcrowded area which is in an advanced state of decay where slums are unfit for human habitation.

From the urban planning point of view, slum and informal settlements are apply to urban development that would organize by people without planning, guiding, controlling and without observation the urbanism rules and conditions . Slum-dwellers are people who live in the economical limit of the city and have not attracted by the economical-socio-economic services and systems.

In today’s world, particularly in developing countries, the problem of immigration, marginal dwelling and informal settlement around the big cities is an unavoidable task and among the challenges that urban management must tackle with.

The social experts and development issues believe that unjust economic, social and cultural growth leads to geographical inequalities and imbalances (the distance between city and village). As a result of this, numerous groups of villagers migrate to cities but they are not only employed in economically productive activities in the city, but also they do not integrate in urban society and culture. They establish unauthorized dwellings in isolation. Marginal dwelling means a part of urban development that is created by a group of mainly poor and low-income people of the city and migrants without programming, control and observation of urban development rules and regulations.

This article with emphasis on crimes and  social deviance of urban slums and informal settlements has been written. Research method is combination(documentary and field research).This article is  concentrated on relationship  between city,social justice and crimes.Main emphasis of writing is based on implementation of urban justice policy,new approaches in light of  empowerment,and rehabilitation approaches in informal settlements,with aim of reduce,control and crime prevention.

Key Words:

City,social justice,crime,social deviance,informal settlements


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