Crime script analysis of drug importation facilitated by the darknet

Miss Elena Morgenthaler1, Associate Professor  Benoit Leclerc1

1Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

Globalisation and technology have facilitated the expansion of illicit drug trafficking throughout the world. The distribution of drugs is no longer limited to known associates or those in close geographical proximity. The anonymity provided by the darknet attracts offenders to online drug marketplaces, connecting vendors and buyers around the world. Despite the increase in use of the darknet to purchase illicit drugs it remains a largely under researched area, particularly in the Australian context. In this research a crime script of drug importation facilitated by the darknet was developed through a content analysis of 18 Australian court cases. Tailored crime prevention measures to disrupt offending at each stage of the crime commission process will also be discussed.


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Dec 10 2021