Dark Web Drug Trafficking in an Australian Context – Adressing the Police Based Response

Mr Ethan Callaway1

1Queensland University Of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Dark web drug trafficking has been an increasingly prominent issue since the inception of the illicit drugs website, Silk Road. While the Silk Road was taken down in 2013 research has highlighted the ineffectiveness of police to affect the market. The dark web drug market has also been shown to be comparatively safer for drug buyers and sellers compared to other traditional trafficking methods. This leads this article to consider whether current methods used by Australian police are appropriate or whether other more effective strategies of dealing with drug trafficking should be utilised. This article analyses the knowledge of academic experts alongside the themes present in current literature in order to construct this analysis of police methods whilst also assessing the viability of other possible methods. As part of a secondary purpose this article utilises Left Realism in its development in order to assess the theoretical use Left Realism holds for new and advanced crimes such as dark web drug trafficking that it previously would not have been considered for.


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Dec 10 2021