Drivers of Radicalisation and Terrorism: Implications for Risk Assessment and Management.

Dr Emily Corner1

1ANU, Canberra, Australia

This research highlights the results of the most comprehensive systematic review that has been conducted on the drivers of radicalisation and terrorist behaviour to date. The objective of this review was to synthesise the existing evidence base through the assessment of the influence of multiple factors upon individuals’ attitudes, intentions, and behaviours in the context of radicalisation and violent extremism. Specifically the review interrogated the existing empirical literature on the causes of radicalisation and terrorist behaviour, including its coverage, common themes, methodological strengths and weaknesses, and implications. The purpose of this was twofold: First the results  aid the identification of gaps in the empirical evidence base; second, the analysis draws out those indicators cited most frequently in the literature as being associate with radicalisation and violent extremism.


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Dec 09 2021