Encountering Misogyny on Facebook and Twitter

Mr William Arpke-wales1

1The University Of Melbourne

The pervasiveness of misogyny on social media is well established, with multiple bodies of literature highlighting its prevalence and impact. With the increasing prominence of digital technologies, particularly in the wake of a global pandemic, it is more important than ever to understand the conditions in which misogyny is encountered on social media, and the effect that these conditions has on those experiencing misogyny online. Drawing on preliminary findings from a recent qualitative survey of peoples’ encounters with misogyny on Facebook and Twitter, this presentation examines how the technological conditions under which abuse is encountered inform how misogyny is experienced. This presentation will report on initial findings from this research, and consider in detail the relationship between patriarchal structures and technological capacities. Additionally, the presentation will speculate on the ways in which an enhanced understanding of the conditions in which misogyny is encountered can benefit efforts to address and redress harm on social media.


Will is a Phd Candidate in Criminology at the University of Melbourne and is concerned with issues of crime and justice facilitated by technology. His work typically falls into the field of digital criminology, and he has a specific interest in online misogyny and hate speech. In the past, his work has examined networked offending, family violence, and the ethics of research online.


Dec 09 2021