Introducing the International Targeted School Violence Database: Safety Beyond School Shootings

A/Prof. Nadine Connell1, Mr.  Benjamin Crowe1

1Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia

The International Targeted School Violence Database (ITSVD) is an open source data collection project designed to collect and analyze data on all targeted school violence incidents around the world sine 2000. The majority of the narratives around targeted school violence come out of shooting incidents in the United States and that limited focus ignores important causes and correlates of school violence that could help better predict and prevent violent incidents. We introduce the ITSVD, consisting of targeted extreme violence events at K-12 schools in over 15 countries, to expand the understanding of targeted school violence and better inform prevention efforts. Extreme violence includes the use of firearms, explosive devices, large-scale poison attacks, and large-scale knife attacks. We describe the landscape of targeted school violence and discuss long term usage of these data.


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Dec 10 2021