Leading through a Protracted Crisis: Covid-19 Insights from the Field

Dr Jenny Cartwright1, Mr  Stuart Bartels1, Deputy Commissioner Neil Paterson4, Dr Jackie Sebire3, Dr Victoria Herrington1

1Australian Institute of Police Management, Manly, Australia
3Cambridge Centre for Evidence Based Policing, Cambridge, United Kingdom
4Victoria Police, Australia

Proposed Facilitated International Panel Session:

Panel Facilitator: Mr Stuart Bartels APM, Executive Director, Australian Institute of Police Management (Confirmed)

Panel Member: Deputy Commissioner Neil Paterson, Victoria Police

Panel Member: Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) Dr Jackie Sebire, Bedfordshire Police, Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing

Panel Member: Captain Steve Hirjak, Seattle Police Department

Since early 2020 police and emergency services in Australia and internationally have been front and centre in their respective response to Covid-19. However, unlike other crises there is still much uncertainty with the Covid-19 pandemic changing on a weekly, if not a daily basis. This Panel seeks to explore the reality of leading through a protracted crisis such as Covid-19 with three “operational commanders”. Leaning on the international expertise of the Panel, with representation from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, through a facilitated discussion the Panel will explore key leadership insights from the field in responding to a protracted crisis. This includes examining how Covid-19 has challenged tried and tested methods for these seasoned leaders, and how new methods/ responses – both good and bad – have emerged. How do/can leaders prepare their organisations following a protracted crisis to recover and reset anew?


Dec 08 2021