Policing financial crime: A snapshot of the Australian Corporate Investigator

Dr Michael King1

1Charles Sturt University, Barton, Australia

The business of corporate investigations has grown significantly in the past two decades. Yet, despite the recent growth in interest in corporate investigators and investigations, little research has been conducted on the services provided by or the skills necessary to conduct such investigations. This paper presents the results of an analysis of the thirty-three interviews with Australian corporate investigators.

The paper extends the limited research on the services corporate investigators provide, including corporate fraud and financial investigations, risk advisory, and cyber and misconduct investigations. It identifies their backgrounds and education and skills. The findings identify some commonalities with police– detective skills and suggest that the corporate investigator needs the skills of an accountant and a lawyer to complement these investigative skills. Further, the paper finds that, to meet these new services, corporate investigators are now well qualified academically and professionally.


Michael holds a Ph.D. in Justice from Queensland University of Technology. His research field is policing, white collar crime, tax evasion, financial and regulatory failure. Michael is a academic within the Fraud and Financial Crime program, within the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security.


Dec 10 2021