Religion and policing in Tuvalu

Dr Sara Nuzhat Amin1, Dr. Danielle Watson2, Dr. Tanya Trussler3

1The University Of The South Pacific, Suva, Fiji
2Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
3Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada

The PICs present an important opportunity to examine the relationship between religious, indigenous and policing institutions in Christian majority post-colonial societies with continued structures of traditional authorities mediating rule-breaking behaviour. These institutions in the PICs are subjected to powerful processes, including economic liberalization, globalization and localization/indigenization, which create opportunities for alignment of goals between these institutions, as well as produce contestation and conflict between them. We examine how police officers negotiate the tensions between (secular) state law, indigenous structures of authority and religious authorities in Tuvalu using interviews with religious leaders, members of the Traditional Council, and key government officials.


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Dec 09 2021