Technology-based responses to technology-facilitated domestic and family violence: An overview of the limits and possibilities of tech-based ‘solutions’

Dr Diarmaid Harkin1, Dr Robert  Merkel

1Deakin University

A variety of technology-based responses have emerged to address technology-facilitated abuse (TFA). This can include internet-based information or reporting services, efforts to promote safer design of technological products and platforms, or the creation of technical solutions such as spyware detection. This paper aims to take stock of these technology-based responses arguing that they are often necessary without being sufficient, and that they have persistent strategic and technical limitations. It will be argued that there should be on-going emphasis on the development of human resources as a support for those experiencing TFA, particularly the use of professional DV support workers.


Dr Diarmaid Harkin is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Deakin University.

Dr Robert Merkel is a software engineer and former Lecturer in Computer Science at Monash University.


Dec 08 2021