2021 Presenter Guidelines

Thank you for presenting at the 2021 ANZSOC Conference

We want to ensure your presentation runs smoothly.
The following guidelines and resources are designed to assist with your preparation and participation.
If you have queries please contact mail@conferencedesign.com.au

To assist with the successful planning of the conference and ensure the smooth delivery of your presentation, we kindly ask all pre-recorded presentations be uploaded prior to 26 November




Ensure your presentation is uploaded no later than 26 NOVEMBER 2021




Oral & Panel Session presentations will consist of 15 minute pre-recorded presentations, followed by live facilitated group Q&A with your Session Chair. 

You can record your video using the software you feel most comfortable with. If you have little experience recording videos, we suggest using Microsoft PowerPoint or Zoom, for more information visit the Presenter Toolkit via the link above.

Presentation recordings should be no longer than 15 minutes in duration.

Presenters are required to upload their presentation as a single MP4 file via Drobox no later than Friday 26 November. This will allow us time to check your file and prepare your presentation for delivery via the online conference portal.

If you have any concerns about pre-recording your presentation or providing your file to us by the deadline please contact mail@conferencedesign.com.au

All presenters are required to register for the ANZSOC conference and pay the appropriate registration fee.

2021 ANZSOC Conference Bursary Scheme

ANZSOC is offering a Conference Bursary Scheme in 2021 to support members who require financial assistance to participate in the conference. For information about the 2021 Conference Bursary Scheme please visit the ANZSOC website: https://anzsoc.org/2021-anzsoc-conference-sponsored-bursary/.

Presenting at the Conference

Below are some tips to assist you. Most importantly, please ensure your presentation recording is kept to your allocated time.

If you have any queries email mail@conferencedesign.com.au prior to the conference.


The conference will be delivered online using the Events AIR “OnAIR” platform. Session will be delivered via “OnAIR” using Zoom meetings.

A dedicated AV technician will be allocated to sessions and available to provide support as required. The AV technician will manage the broadcast stream via the “OnAIR” platform.

Live Q&A will be facilitated by session chairs, with questions from the audience submitted via text for the session chair to read aloud to presenters for answer.

Presenters should  join their Zoom meeting 15 minutes prior to the commencement of their session to meet the session host and session chair.

The session host will run through the sequence of proceedings for the session and conduct a technology check prior to sessions going live promptly at the programmed time.

The Conference Managers will send presenters Zoom meeting details for their session. For sessions, presenters will only need to join the Zoom meeting. There is no need to log into the OnAIR portal.

Record your video using the software you feel most comfortable with.

If you have little experience recording videos, we suggest Zoom or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Keep your presentation recording to 15 minutes.

If you go over time you will be required to edit and re-submit by the deadline.

Recordings need be provided to the Conference Managers in MP4 format. Should your presentation be received in a format other than MP4 you will be asked to resubmit in an MP4 format.

If you have limited online presentation experience or are looking for some tips about how to take your online presentation to the next level, we encourage you to take a look at Presenter Toolkit.

Visit the Presenter Toolkit


Recordings must be provided to Conference Design:

  • In MP4 format.
  • As a single file. Multiple files will not be accepted.
  • Submit via the conference Dropbox link.
  • Files to be named: presenter name, day, session and time of your presentation (eg. Smith_John_Day1_Session2_1230).

If making changes, always ensure to upload the latest version. Each upload is stamped with date/time so we will only use the latest version uploaded to the system.


Failure to submit your recording by this deadline may result in your presentation being withdrawn from the program.

Presenters will be sent a calendar invite with a Zoom Meeting link a week prior to the conference.

This link will allow you to join your session and participate in the live Q&A at the end of your session.

On the day of your session, please log in to the Zoom link 15 minutes prior to the start of your session.

This will allow you time to conduct a technology check with the AV technician and conduct final preparations before your session goes live at the programmed time.

Before joining the via the video link, please check your equipment is in good working order (i.e. microphone and camera working, plenty of battery if using a laptop, stable internet connection).

Please join your session 15 minutes prior to the commencement time to meet with your session host, session chair and the presenters in your session. Your session host will run through the sequence of proceedings for your session and conduct a technology check with the chair and presenters prior to the session going live promptly at the programmed time.

Please note program times are listed in AEST. To view the program for the date, time and details of your session, visit: https://anzsocconference.com.au/2021-program

Generally, presentations will be played in turn, with the session chair introducing each, before a common Q&A. Sessions will typically include 3 – 5 pre-recorded presentations.

The following outlines the general proceedings for sessions.

Session Opening:

  • The session chair will welcome delegates to the session, deliver an acknowledgement of country then introduce the first presentation with the presentation title, presenter name and short biography.
  • The session chair will remind delegates to put any questions they have for the presenters in the Live Q&A box to the right of their screen throughout the session.
  • Your session host will then play the first pre-recorded presentation.

During the session:

  • In between each presentation, AV support will return the session chair to the screen to introduce the next presentation recording.
  • At the conclusion of the final presentation recording, AV support will display the session chair and all presenters on-screen for the facilitated live Q&A discussion.
  • A link to the delegate Q&A feed will be provided to the session chair and presenters, so all can see questions being asked from the audience.

Closing the session:

  • At the top of your screen you will see a countdown clock which will assist you in knowing when the session is due to end.
  • Session chairs will start to wrap sessions when there is roughly one minute left on the clock. This will allow enough time for the chair to thank presenters, finish your discussion, and make closing remarks.
  • Once the countdown clock has finished the session will no longer be live and your session host will end the broadcast.
  • At the conclusion of the session, chairs and presenters can leave the Zoom meeting and log into the OnAIR conference platform to participate in other conference activities as a delegate.

Please advise us via mail@conferencedesign.com.au if you are unable to attend your live Q&A session.

Live support will be available throughout the conference opening hours and will include dedicated IT/AV support.

All sessions will have a dedicated AV host who will be available for immediate support.

Should you be unable to join your session by the zoom link, please contact us by any of the following options:

  • Email: mail@conferencedesign.com.au
  • Phone: +61 3 6231 2999
  • OnAIR Control Room Chat: this chat feed is easily accessible via your presentation in the online conference portal. Queries will be quickly picked up by the support team
  • Live Support Hub: live support is immediately accessible via the icon at the top of the online conference portal. Users should log their query in the live support chat box and a team member will respond as quickly as possible.

We want to ensure a quality online experience for presenters and delegates at the ANZSOC Conference. Recording presentations provides the following benefits:

  • Smooth technical delivery – lower reliance on the performance of technology, IT infrastructure, live streaming platforms and internet provides a reduced risk of technical issues at the time of the conference.
  • Increased number of presentations at the conference – asking presenters to pre-record their presentations means we are able to accept more submissions for the conference.
  • Accommodate various presenter skill levels – pre-recording allows everyone to practice their presentation and get it “just right” for the conference.
  • Accommodate various online presentation experience levels – presenting online is new for a lot of people and we want to make sure delivery at the time of the conference is simple and smooth for all presenters. Pre-recording means the “hard part” is taken care of prior to the conference for presenters. At the time of the conference you can watch your presentation and participate in live Q&A with delegates.
  • More time for Q&A and audience interaction – pre-recording means you have more time to answer delegate questions and participate in discussion with your fellow presenters.
  • Opportunity for creativity – pre-recording can allow presenters to get creative with their content beyond what can potentially be delivered at a face-to-face conference; this is a great opportunity to try out new things for your presentation at low risk!
  • Quality control – pre-recording allows quality control, so if lighting/audio isn’t up to scratch, or a presenter uses the wrong aspect ratio (such as portrait instead of landscape) then these issues can be rectified well before the broadcast.
  • No interruption to your presentation – Pre-recording ensures everyone keeps to their allotted time and no-one misses out on Q&A due to earlier presentations running over time.
  • It’s great for time zones – pre-recording means people from around the world can still have their presentations included in the program without the need to present early morning or late evening.
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