Cameron Bayly

Cameron Bayly, Chief Counter-Terrorism Adviser, New Zealand Police


Cameron was appointed to the new role of Chief Counter-Terrorism Adviser in late 2019, having previously been acting Principal Adviser in the Police National Security Group, Manager of the Security Intelligence and Threats Group, and a Principal Policy Advisor in the Police National and International Security team.

His role supports senior decision makers and operational leaders across both strategic and tactical counter-terrorism issues, from providing expert evidence and advice on individual cases through to policy matters.

Cameron’s wider career has involved national policing roles in the United Kingdom in areas including workforce development, conduct and integrity, and leadership development.  He has previously worked for the New Zealand Immigration Service, Ministry of Transport, and Accident Compensation Corporation.

Cameron has a Masters Degree in History from Victoria University of Wellington.  He has completed a US State Department Programme on Terrorism and Extremism and contributed to the delivery of a range of internal and international counter-terrorism and national security training courses for generalists and specialists, both in law enforcement and other agencies.