Dependents as Victims of Human Trafficking and Forced Marriage

Dr Nerida Chazal1

1University Of South Australia, Adelaide , Australia

The dependants of victims/survivors of human trafficking and forced marriage (HT&FM) are an overlooked group of people who have been impacted by these crimes and humanitarian issues (Solis 2015). Dependants have a complex set of needs which usually involve continuous support rather than a one-off intervention. For the victims/survivors of HT&FM, supporting their dependants is often the most important priority, and the fear of being separated from their dependants is a pressing concern (De Angelis 2014; Faulkner et al 2013). As such, it is often impossible to address the victim/survivors’ needs without addressing their dependants, especially if victims/survivors are full time carers and/ or single parents. The dominant ‘crimmigration’ framing of human trafficking and forced marriage, and a focus on criminal justice rather than human rights means that children are constructed as collateral damage in modern slavery crimes, rather than primary victims themselves. Exploring the scope of the issue in Australia, and using a state crime approach to victimology, this presentation argues for a reframing of children of trafficking and forced marriage victim/ survivors as primary victims of the crimes.


Dr Nerida Chazal is a Lecturer in Criminal Justice at UniSA. Her research examines human trafficking and modern slavery and she takes an international, human rights based approach to gender violence and victimology. She is currently working with the Australian Red Cross on a project examining the support needs of victim/ survivors of modern slavery.


Aug 30 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm